Monthly Archive: February 2019

misantropen mollsånger 2 0

Misantropen – Moll 6

Silent howls from a declining civilization. Loneliness is key, the heart is the essence. Taken from Molltoner från Norrland 1 & 2, out now via Northern Electronics.

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Playlist updated for February 2019

This is the first playlist update for 2019. Featuring new music by Smok-Mon, Daniel Ögren, Singular, Little White Wedding Chapel, Meipr and Andreas Söderström & Rickard Jäverling. Be sure to follow for the latest...

daniel ögren brev från leksand cover 0

Daniel Ögren – Björkberget

Small, sparkling and stubborn as a spring-tide up north. Working it’s way through dead wood, melting snow and yesteryears leftovers. Taken from Brev från Leksand, out now via Pomperipossa Records.

sophomore mosaic cover 0

Sophomore – Mosaic

Simple and beautiful repetition builds momentum as the arpeggios slowly transform and journey further into the unknown. Released by the artist. Video by Olle Andersson.