Monthly Archive: December 2018

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Final playlist update for 2018

This is the final playlist update for 2018. It features new music by Råå, Random Notes, Olof Cornéer, Isorinne, Golden Ivy, Futurum and many more. 2018 has been a great year for music indeed...

geocities II undertal cover 0

Geocities II – Drömmen

Frozen patterns of an unspoken language. Interrupted frequencies linger on as they pass your ears. The tension builds with small movements and perfect repetition. Taken from Undertal, out now via Stoscha.

sandklot mahina 0

Sandklot – Mahina

A foreboding of bad times ahead. We’ve past the critical point and turning back is not an option. There’s something wrong with the machine. Breakdown is imminent. Video and music by Sandklot.