Monthly Archive: September 2018

slim vic remix ep 0

Slim Vic – Talong (AKB Remix)

Slowly evolving particles of sound form a solid foundation of comforting drones and pulsating bass. The feeling of familiarity is only slightly disturbed by haunting FM-voices calling out in distress. AKB remix of a...

Korridor - Integration 0

Korridor – Integration

Claustrophobic and introvert rhythms packed with suppressed emotions. A solid darkness. Taken from End of Cycle which will be out on September 24th via Northern Electronics.

jukka rintamäki on the road cover 0

Jukka Rintamäki – Flow

On the Road OST by Jukka Rintamäki Fluent and concrete at the same time. A cold ambiance highlighting the movements of the dancer. Taken from the original soundtrack to On the Road, a dance...

Mesak - Hämärä Komero EP 0

Mesak – Siemaus (Excerpt)

Industrial electronics moving in slow motion. Echoes of asymmetrical patterns guide your way through the underworld. Taken from Hämärä Komero EP which will be out via On Board Music on September 24th.