Monthly Archive: June 2018

Instrumental Daydreams playlist 0

Playlist updated for summer 2018

The Instrumental Daydreams playlist has been updated with brand new music from Sandra Mosh, TM404 & Echologist, Knivtid, PRO424, Oktoberklubben, Partikel, Fjäder and Tired Tape Machine. Hopefully enough goodness to last you until the...

Salva part II LPC cover 0

Fjäder – Sinnesfrid

An eerie calm spreads as you go deeper into the mist. Hope for survival, prepare for worse. Haunting harmonies draws you closer to the center. Taken from the compilation Salva (part II), out now via...

sandklot duende 0

Sandklot – Duende

Mind expanding drones of twisted darkness sends tremors through your soul. The pulsating force can’t be avoided. We dive in. Self-released video and track. No more information needed.

partikel ark 3 cover 0

Partikel – Artefakt 10

Dark and monotone like Chinese water torture this one leaves you no rest. Climb inside your own mind and seek refuge in memories of days gone past. Artefakt 10 is taken from Ark 3...

sandra mosh kalabalik 0

Sandra Mosh – Kalabalik

Neurotic and claustrophobic with an underlying sense of anxiety and loss of direction. Hypnotic and epic techno still providing some hope for the sad generation. Taken from the Kalabalik EP out now via Mosh...