Monthly Archive: April 2018

albin mt4x cover 0

Albin – Skogen

A concrete underground tunnel piercing through dark dead woods. It lures you deeper and deeper into the absolute unknown not allowing you to stop and breath even for a tiny moment. Taken from MT4X...

Daniel Savio the 417 0

Daniel Savio – Rich Quick

Classic simplistic electronics from one of the masters of the game. Perfect soundtrack for riding in a stolen car through Söderort at night. Taken from The 417 EP out now on House of Wisdom.

sasthor livin' the dream 0

SASTHOR – Livin’ the Dream

If the last post was a brief moment in time, this one lasts an eternity. Unnerving soundscapes and slowly progressing clusters form a ever growing wave of electricity and anxiety.

sandklot nosomi 0

Sandklot – Nosomi

Monotone drones and rhythmic patterns accompanies you on this 10 minutes long epic journey into the northern woods. Sandklot is a music/sound/image/video-duo from Stockholm.

musik tillägnad Bertil enstöring cover 0

Lehnberg – Drone till Bertil

Musik tillägnad Bertil Enstöring vol. 1 by Tape Lamour Slow meditations over loneliness and fear of interaction. Drones that celebrate the outcasts and provides space for contemplation. Taken from a cassette dedicated to fictional...

Mokira Chill Out cover 0

Mokira – Cuchla Congos PREVIEW

Buchla minimalism and MTV-nostalgia from Hässleholm’s finest. Slide down into your bean bag with a cheap box of wine and just float away into dream land. Taken from “Chill Out” out now on Kontra...