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ljudvägg varande cover 0

Ljudvägg – Varande

Subtle melodies and carefully sculpted harmonies creates a comforting, soothing feeling and guides you back to the place where the light lives. Piano and harmonica mixed with field recordings and some electronics. This track...

elle arkbro for organ and brass cover 0

Ellen Arkbro – Mountain of Air

Intricate harmonies twist and turn like a river slowly freezing in wintertime. Ellen Arkbro’s compositions for horns, trombone and tuba digs through the history of music past but with a constant focus on the...

strulgattu & meierkord cover 0

Strulgattu & Meierkord – Prolog

Naturalistic piece from the northern woods. Sounds of old folklore blended with echoes from space. Taken from the album Fritt efter en väg which consists of instrumental interpretations of six old paintings from Dalarna,...