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Anton Svanberg - Utteros cover 0

Anton Svanberg – Ö (sample)

The western wind haunts the shallow waters of Utteros, Halland. Rain storms carry dark horn drones and dynamic shifts further inland. Taken from Utteros, the debut album by Anton Svanberg out now via Double...

Kali Malone organ dirges cover 0

Kali Malone – Locus Of Repetition

A soothing hymn for friends lost in battle. The pipes chant in slow drones and repetitive patterns as the motion progresses. Taken from “Organ Dirges 2016 – 2017” out now on Ascetic House.

elle arkbro for organ and brass cover 0

Ellen Arkbro – Mountain of Air

Intricate harmonies twist and turn like a river slowly freezing in wintertime. Ellen Arkbro’s compositions for horns, trombone and tuba digs through the history of music past but with a constant focus on the...