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j.ö.s. ultra cover 0

J.Ö.S. – Övergång

Composed feelings of despair and horror accompanied by eerie arpeggios and subtle undertones of depression. The end is nigh. Taken from ULTRA, the LP out now via iDEAL Recordings

Henrik Meierkord Kraft 0

Henrik Meierkord – Kraft

Earthly drones and magnetic fields of northern ambience. Closely woven harmonies cluster and move slowly forward without any specific direction. Taken from the album Kraft, out now on all digital platforms.

Kajsa Lindgren - WOMB cover 0

Kajsa Lindgren – Far (to reach me)

WOMB by Kajsa Lindgren Hidden deep inside the heart of darkness you find small specs of light, signs of life buried in a cloud of obscurity. Natural ambiences provides contrast and brings a sense...

slim vic remix ep 0

Slim Vic – Talong (AKB Remix)

Slowly evolving particles of sound form a solid foundation of comforting drones and pulsating bass. The feeling of familiarity is only slightly disturbed by haunting FM-voices calling out in distress. AKB remix of a...

jukka rintamäki on the road cover 0

Jukka Rintamäki – Flow

On the Road OST by Jukka Rintamäki Fluent and concrete at the same time. A cold ambiance highlighting the movements of the dancer. Taken from the original soundtrack to On the Road, a dance...

kulma tape 1 0

Kulma – Tape 1

Subdued drones of solitude and sadness. Drowns you with feelings of despair. Tape 1 out now via Pomperipossa records.

Sonja tofik 0

Sonja Tofik – I din famn, äntligen fri

A calm pastoral scene. The warm breeze engulfs you with false promises of safe keeping. Nothing is as it seems. Taken from Vilar i dina spår, an album made together with Mar-llena released on Moloton...