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sfär sprickor cover 0

Sfär – Ur sprickorna / Ett halvt liv (Excerpt)

Almost nothing holds it together. Like it’s floating in midair on the verge of disintegrating. Repetition is the frame that bounds it. Sfär from Göteborg has an LP (Sprickor) out on Järtecknet.

It's your duty to take the risk 0

Joachim Nordwall – Circular Music

Sad electronic drones communicating in solitude. Minimal in it’s approach but filled with feelings of loneliness and the meaningless repetition of life. Taken from a free cd sampler (IT IS YOUR DUTY TO TAKE...

Oestergaards Rötterna 0

Oestergaards – Rötterna

Ambient from the dark swamps of Norduppland, Sweden. The perfect soundtrack to Nils Håkansson’s Ödmården, a futuristic novel about the slow decay of Swedish society due to flooding and a violent Dutch invasion. Released...

fjäder burning bridges live 0

Fjäder – Burning bridges

This is just an excerpt from an excellent liveset at Fylkingen by Fjäder. Awakened mysticism at it’s best. Feel the ancient arts pour through your mind and prepare you for the reckoning.  

matti bye this forgotten land cover 0

Matti Bye – Melt

Melancholia oozes of the keys of Matti Bye’s piano. Minimal in it’s approach but filled to the brim with nordic depression. This track comes from his latest release, This Forgotten Land, which was released...

Instrumental Daydreams playlist 0

Playlist updated

The last playlist post of 2017 features new music by Offermose, Demen, Evigt Mörker, Knivtid, Isorinne and more. Be sure to follow to stay updated! 2017 has been a great year for Scandinavian electronic...

Kolmiotaajuus Tyhjyyden maa cover 0

Kolmiotaajuus – Tyhjyyden maa

Eerie and subversive drones from Finnish Kolmiotaajuus. Electric sparks light up the night sky as a harbinger of bad times ahead. Kolmiotaajuus consists of Arttu Ronkainen, Valtteri Hyvärinen and Jukka Eerikäinen and this here...

Demen Nektyr cover 0

Demen – Korridorer

Nektyr by DemenMental institution ambient constructed with ambivalent and beautiful harmonies that will keep you up at night or sleeping with the light on. Taken from the album Nektyr which was released in May...