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misantropen mollsånger 2 0

Misantropen – Moll 6

Silent howls from a declining civilization. Loneliness is key, the heart is the essence. Taken from Molltoner från Norrland 1 & 2, out now via Northern Electronics.

instrumental daydreams playlist 2019 0

Playlist updated for February 2019

This is the first playlist update for 2019. Featuring new music by Smok-Mon, Daniel Ögren, Singular, Little White Wedding Chapel, Meipr and Andreas Söderström & Rickard Jäverling. Be sure to follow for the latest...

daniel ögren brev från leksand cover 0

Daniel Ögren – Björkberget

Small, sparkling and stubborn as a spring-tide up north. Working it’s way through dead wood, melting snow and yesteryears leftovers. Taken from Brev från Leksand, out now via Pomperipossa Records.

sophomore mosaic cover 0

Sophomore – Mosaic

Simple and beautiful repetition builds momentum as the arpeggios slowly transform and journey further into the unknown. Released by the artist. Video by Olle Andersson.

daniel savio musky tang cover 0

Daniel Savio – Musky Tang

It’s four o’clock at night. You haven’t slept for two days. Your mind is lucid as you race down the empty streets of your town. It’s a Musky Tang. Taken from Papa Rules EP,...