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celldöd sadist ep cover 0

Celldöd – Dom goda vinner aldrig

The sound of a city decaying. Frustration and depression creates the need for hypnotic relief through low frequencies and stubborn rhythms. Taken from Sadist EP out now via Tripalium Corp

jukka rintamäki on the road cover 0

Jukka Rintamäki – Flow

On the Road OST by Jukka Rintamäki Fluent and concrete at the same time. A cold ambiance highlighting the movements of the dancer. Taken from the original soundtrack to On the Road, a dance...

Mesak - Hämärä Komero EP 0

Mesak – Siemaus (Excerpt)

Industrial electronics moving in slow motion. Echoes of asymmetrical patterns guide your way through the underworld. Taken from Hämärä Komero EP which will be out via On Board Music on September 24th.

kulma tape 1 0

Kulma – Tape 1

Subdued drones of solitude and sadness. Drowns you with feelings of despair. Tape 1 out now via Pomperipossa records.

prins emanuel diagonal musik 0

Prins Emanuel – Orön (excerpt)

Nostalgic melodies and rhythm paint a picture of summers long gone. Repetitive but steadily evolving in its simplicity. taken from the upcoming album Diagonal Musik, which consists of music solely recorded on acoustic guitar....

the field who goes there 0

The Field – Who goes there

Infinite Moment by The Field Dive deep into your mind through the sound of slow progression. It starts as a small tremor and ends with you being persecuted by disrupted rhythms and waves of...

Sonja tofik 0

Sonja Tofik – I din famn, äntligen fri

A calm pastoral scene. The warm breeze engulfs you with false promises of safe keeping. Nothing is as it seems. Taken from Vilar i dina spår, an album made together with Mar-llena released on Moloton...

randy barracuda ketamine strut 1

Randy Barracuda – Ketamine Strut

R.I.P. Perttu Häkkinen a.k.a. Randy Barracuda. True inspiration, great friend and a legend in his own right.