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Dungeon Acid – 2P02

Mind melting patterns of mass destruction. Floating further into oblivion with every sequence. Taken from the self titled debut album from acid veteran Dungeon Acid. Out now via iDEAL Recordings.

Tidsrymd I juliaskan cover 0

Tidsrymd – I juliaskan

The soothing calm before the end. A brief moment of comfort, a desperate hail Mary for those who still want to keep on going. Taken from the self-released EP “I juliaskan”, released on March...

misantropen mollsånger 2 0

Misantropen – Moll 6

Silent howls from a declining civilization. Loneliness is key, the heart is the essence. Taken from Molltoner från Norrland 1 & 2, out now via Northern Electronics.