Monthly Archive: March 2018

Kali Malone organ dirges cover 0

Kali Malone – Locus Of Repetition

A soothing hymn for friends lost in battle. The pipes chant in slow drones and repetitive patterns as the motion progresses. Taken from “Organ Dirges 2016 – 2017” out now on Ascetic House.

VED DDTT Cover 0

VED – Det långa straffet

DDTT by VED Hypnotic poly-rythmic bliss from Malmö’s VED. Still in it’s path but continuously moving forward with straight focus. Taken from the excellent DDTT EP which was released on March 16th via Rocket...

Kuf Akupunktur Cover 0

Kuf – Express

Akupunktur by Kuf Minimal motions of electronics in an alternate state. Repetitive and peaceful still with an omnipresent threat of violence lurking. Taken from the album Akupunktur out now on Arsenik Records.

Isorinne Weightless Breath 0

Isorinne – Weightless Breath

Wouldn’t you rather be floating than earthbound? Slowly pulsating ambience lifting you off into the darkness of space. Taken from a soon to be released compilation by dutch label Leyla Records

Instrumental Daydreams playlist 0

Playlist updated!

The playlist Swedish Haze – Instrumental Daydreams has been updated with new music from Anna von Hausswolff, Råå, Ellen Arkbro, Dold and DKSTR. Follow to get the latest and best of Scandinavian electronic instrumental...

Ation Rop 15minuterenkvart 0

Ation Rop – 15minuterenkvart

Unhinged and scattered traces of music. Constantly evolving into something new, strange and wonderful. Not much info about this one. Keep it secret, keep it safe!