Monthly Archive: October 2017

cover for Clora live preformance Norbergfestivalen 0

Clora – Song 1 July (Norberg Rehearsal Outtake)

This track was recorded during a rehearsal at the Norberg festival in Sweden. Haunting industrial drone ambient with sparse movements in time. Enjoy! Clora is a musician from Stockholm and has previously released a...

Knivtid, Jordningsfel, cover image 0

Knivtid – Jordningsfel

Glitchy but smooth repetitive ambient drones from the pits of Sundbyberg outside of Stockholm. Watch the traffic lights flicker on and off. Stand frozen in time. Knivtid released an EP on cassette via UK...

evigt mörker EP 4 cover 0

Evigt Mörker – Vem

Eternal darkness awaits. This track from Evigt Mörker’s EP nr 4 was released in July 2017 and it’s a mesmerizing trip into the heart of darkness. Hypnotic arpeggios and rhythms over ambient backgrounds. Evigt...

Frönäs - Grains, album cover 0

Frönäs – Grains

Beautiful electronic ambient music from the northern shores of an isolated island in Sweden. Crisp coldness and eerie atmospheres slowly moving further out to sea. Billy Rimgard is the person responsible for Frönäs and...

Lisa & Kroffe - Göteborgs Energi 0

Lisa & Kroffe – Rosenlundsverket

Solid electronic piece with addictive rhythm, soothing arpeggios and spaced out harmonies from Lisa & Kroffe. This track is taken from the duo’s second full length album Göteborg Energi which was released on Oct...


Andreas Tilliander & Elin Franzén – Japan LP Side A

Andreas Tilliander & Elin Franzén makes a collaborative effort with this esoteric release. Ambient electronics mixed with field recordings from Japan. Highly recommended. Get your copy over at bandcamp.