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celldöd staden dör 0

Celldöd – Staden dör

A slow boogie to accompany the downfall of modern civilisation. Not entirely instrumental but in all senses a worthy contribution. Taken from the LP Fragmenterade minnen. Out now on DKA recordings.

knivtid skogarna är redan svarta 0

Knivtid – Skogarna är redan svarta I

Skogarna är redan svarta by Knivtid Soothing melodies and harmonies that accompanies you on a walk through dark woods on a summer’s day. Intricate mix of electronic, acoustic and field recordings that creates a...

oktoberklubben orust tapes cover 0

Oktoberklubben – Hagadösen

Clean and bright as the Northern Sea outside of Göteborg on a winter’s day. Small tricklets of melody and rhythm seep through the brightness and leave you in a solid state of melancholy. Taken...

Instrumental Daydreams playlist 0

Updated playlist for May 2018

The playlist Swedish Haze – Instrumental Daydreams has been updated with new music from Albin, Mokira, Skatebird, Anton Svanberg, Daniel Savio, Halvknaegten, VED and Råå. Enough to last you until summer at least. Make...

Anton Svanberg - Utteros cover 0

Anton Svanberg – Ö (sample)

The western wind haunts the shallow waters of Utteros, Halland. Rain storms carry dark horn drones and dynamic shifts further inland. Taken from Utteros, the debut album by Anton Svanberg out now via Double...

albin mt4x cover 0

Albin – Skogen

A concrete underground tunnel piercing through dark dead woods. It lures you deeper and deeper into the absolute unknown not allowing you to stop and breath even for a tiny moment. Taken from MT4X...

Daniel Savio the 417 0

Daniel Savio – Rich Quick

Classic simplistic electronics from one of the masters of the game. Perfect soundtrack for riding in a stolen car through Söderort at night. Taken from The 417 EP out now on House of Wisdom.

sasthor livin' the dream 0

SASTHOR – Livin’ the Dream

If the last post was a brief moment in time, this one lasts an eternity. Unnerving soundscapes and slowly progressing clusters form a ever growing wave of electricity and anxiety.

halvknaegten historier del 2 0

Halvknægten – Bakker i det fjerne

historier, del 2 by halvknægten A small moment caught in time. It passes so quickly that you might miss it. But the longer you look the deeper you fall into it and time eventually...

sandklot nosomi 0

Sandklot – Nosomi

Monotone drones and rhythmic patterns accompanies you on this 10 minutes long epic journey into the northern woods. Sandklot is a music/sound/image/video-duo from Stockholm.